Dreamtime Custom Massage + Worragi: Meaning “Clear Spirit” Facial 

Allow 1.75 hoursCleanse. Nourish. Ground.

Best of both worlds! Your skin, body & soul will love you for this one...

Worragi: Clear Spirit Facial:

Harness the properties of traditional botanical remedies to breathe new life into your skin. - yep, this one is also a man-facial. Marine extracts and native plant essential oils combine in this tailor made facial to help moisturise, soothe, nourish and improve skin quality. The facial deeply cleanses, exfoliates and adds moisture - leaving skin glowing and protected against damage from the harsh alpine air. Together with a personalised facial massage and lifting technique with native stone based sculpting tools. The skin emerges plump and dewy with deep, long lasting hydration in the harsh elements.

Next up...

Custom Massage:

This is 'not just a typical massage'. Treatments are customized to your needs. From relaxation to injuries to maintenance. Over 20 years experience, variety of techniques used: From deep tissue to sports, to cupping, gua sha and pressure points. Relaxation and gentle Thai massage style stretching to lymphatic drainage.

A little intuitive guidance and some 'magic hands' (we love hearing clients call us this) so you have to try it to find out what it can do for you too!A beautiful warming treatment for body, mind and soul.

We need to talk 

You are only one conversation away... ok, so maybe 3 soul filling sessions away.

We need to talk coaching program

45 min sessions

Connect. Disconnect. Reconnect.

Need an overhaul?

You are booking in for session 1 in your 3 month program. Allow 90 min for each session.

Get clarity. Find stillness. Rest. Reset. Recharge so you can disconnect to reconnect.

Combine the love of massage, body treatments, mind sessions, coaching, meditation - neuroscience based together as one. Take a deep breath and...exhale.

We will guide you to find your inner compass and intuition. With an in-sight into what could be going on for you, see what you can't see or don't want to see 🙂 - the intuitive guidance connection part of these programs is the real draw card here. Our unique ability to 'read' people is profound.

Please fill in your how well is my life going '9 areas of Wellness Assessment' The link will be sent in your confirmation.

Program contains:

Custom designed massage / body treatments

Mind Body & Soul session: Connect Disconnect. Reconnect

Intuitive Guidance


Simple 'how to's


The 5M's






Products used in your treatments: - pure Australian Botanicals.

Boorana Smoking ritual. This Indigenous blend contains wild harvested O’Yarrang, Australian Paperbark, Native Lemon Myrtle leaves and Native Lemon Myrtle pure essential oil. Aboriginal Elders from our Snowy Mountains have shared their understandings and uses of the smoking ritual which aims to create a sacred space within the context of the treatment room, clear and work to ground the energies.

Breathing work. You may be surprised at the benefits of this simple exercise.

Stretching (some by me, some by you)

Maybe some home work 😉 it’s good for you I promise.

Scent Ceremony Selecting your own native aroma oils. using the power of native Australian plants and flowers.

Complete 'how is my life really going' assessment-

9 areas of life wellness assessment and coaching session to go along with areas you feel you need some, or a lot of support in.

The Teas! - Good for you Australian botanicals teas with loads of antioxidants.

Apart from this, there is a whole lotta care, respect and time for you. Access to your own membership portal & JC via message between in person sessions if need that extra support.


For retreats & group bookings,  please send us a message

Who are we?

"You are only one conversation away."
For over 26 years, MWCO owner JC has dedicated her life to promoting holistic Health & Wellness. As an esteemed professional in the field, she personally specializes in a diverse range of massage therapies, personal training, and serves as a Coach and Relationship Renovator at Breakup Brilliant.

JC's outstanding contributions have garnered numerous accolades, including the establishment of an award-winning Health & Wellness centre in Melbourne and MWCO top 5 finalist in the Spa & Wellness Awards 2023.
Her expertise extends beyond the realms of physical well-being. As a Leaving Coach, she possesses the wisdom and skills to guide individuals through life transitions, offering invaluable support and encouragement along the way.

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