(You're in) the best hands on the mountain.
 @1757 @1597 @6
Mt Hotham, Dinner Plain VIC + Hunter Valley & Newcastle NSW
In a nut shell, we help people unplug to recharge. 

(You're in) the best hands on the mountain.
 @1757 @1570 @319 @130
-The Altitudes of Mt Hotham, Dinner Plain & Bright VIC + Hunter Valley & Newcastle NSW
In a nut shell, we help people unplug to recharge. 

Connecting your body & mind to your soul (went deep there didn't we) 
So the big question is, how do you know if we are the right fit for you? 
Well, the only way to find out is to try us and see. 

What we do and why we are different:

Here, you will always be listened to, and heard, without judgement. Every session is completely customised to your needs on each visit with us.  For groups and retreats, we can come to you. Yep, we are even online for some of our coaching sessions as well as some of our movement and mindful sessions. Please message us for more info.

We believe the quality of our lives is equal to our thoughts, feelings and actions. Our habits, values and behaviours and the quality of the connection we have with both ourselves and others. You're only one step away....

We help you disconnect to reconnect. How?

  • From Breakaways: think retreat meets holiday
  • To Spa & Massage Treatments: pure, soulful wellness spa relaxation sessions
  • To Mind & Body Connect: Movement, Yoga, Mindful Meditation (based on neuroscience) with intuitive guidance to find your path (think people reading) 
  • And remember The Relationship Coaching: The Leaving Coach @Breakup Brilliant is an arm (maybe it's the head and the heart) of Mountain Wellness Co too.

We need to talk.

There is always a 30 min chat ( with no added obligations or commitments ) with us for when you have questions, you want to talk to someone, or we can see if we are a good fit-if you need something more.

We drink.

Ok. We live well. (we are not into fluffy woo woo) so, if you are into the kind of wellness that looks at a 360 degree view of your life, is fun, is not one sided and that 'gets you', we are here when you are ready. p.s yes, we love a chat over a tea, coffee, wine (or gin, we love the gin) so I guess you can say we are into the kind of wellness that is balanced and takes the time to truly connect with you. 

What we need to do:

1. We need to unplug to recharge
2. We need to disconnect to reconnect 
3. We need to communicate openly and without fear 
 We are stressed out, worn out, going through the motions, saying ''I'll do it when....''
We are running out of time- fast. 
Trying to do all the 'right' things, but are they the right things for us? 
No surprises, there are ways to combat these cans of worms we have just opened. All you need to do is book in and we will do the rest.  
(well, most of it
Welcome to Mountain Wellness Co. 
‘Come as you are, leave how (and who) you want to be’ 

The people who have trusted us so far

Come with the life you have.
Leave with the life you want.

Who is JC?

"You are only one conversation away." JC is the author of the book 'We Need To Talk.' 

Over the past 20+ years, JC has built an award winning Health & Wellness centre in Melbourne CBD, started Mountain Wellness Co during the pandemic, trained as a massage therapist and personal trainer, and is a Leaving Coach at her other company, Breakup Brilliant: helping you 'breakup' with the relationships you have, to have the relationships you want. 

She has a business coaching company Wellbusi, has been an MC at the MCG and is also a speaker & leader in the wellness tourism industry. JC facilitates corporate leadership wellness programs specialising in relationships and is also an ambassador for a not for profit. 

Connect With Us 

493 514 601


Find Us: 

@1757 HOTHAM: 
Alpine Heights 
Lawlers Court (road next to Hotham medical go past First Run Cafe)

Hotel High Plains 
Big Muster Drive Dinner Plain

@319 BRIGHT: various locations for retreats & groups only: we come to you

@6 Newcastle NSW:
158 Union St The Junction 

+ For groups and retreats we can come to you - message us here or email hello@mountainwellness.co

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