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Brow wax 

20 min $35

Brow tint 

20 min $25

Brow wax and tint 

30 min $55 

Lash Tint 

20 min $30

Lash and brow tint 

30 min $50

Brow wax, tint, lamination + lash tint & lift 

120 min $230

Lash lift including tint 

60 min $115

Brow lamination including wax and tint 

120 min $120

Underarm or Face, lip & / or chin wax 

20 min $40

Bikini or Brazilian wax 

30 min $60

Bikini or Brazilian + underarm wax 

40 min $80

Full leg wax 

45 min $70

1/2 leg wax 

30 min $55

Who is JC?

"You are only one conversation away." JC is the author of the book 'We Need To Talk.' 

Over the past 20+ years, JC has built an award winning Health & Wellness centre, trained as a massage therapist and personal trainer, and is a Leaving Coach at her company, Breakup Brilliant: helping you 'breakup' with the relationships you have, to have the relationships you want. 

She has a business coaching company Wellbusi, has been an MC at the MCG and also a speaker & leader in the wellness tourism industry. JC has facilitated corporate leadership wellness programs and is also an ambassador for a not for profit. 

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